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Referee Registration

Are You Ready To Become A Soccer Referee?


Hello everyone! I would like to inform you of the opportunity of becoming a certified soccer referee, all from the comfort of your home. Anyone can become a referee as long as they are 13 or older. As soccer is slowly but surely coming back into our lives, we will need many officials for upcoming matches. We expect a busy season as everyone is eager to play soccer while staying safe. Certification will be awarded after the completion of 4 assignments and an on-field session. I have attached our club’s course link so new aspiring referees can register with our club’s info. I would encourage completing this course on a laptop/desktop, as it will be easier to navigate. 



ALL 4 assignments must be completed before you participate in the digital field session. YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER AND HAVE ALL ASSIGNMENTS DONE 24 HOURS PRIOR to the on-field session.

This will take some planning so do not procrastinate. 


You must register for this Grassroots Course to access all 4 assignments. You must also pre-register for the digital field session after completing all 4 assignments. 


The on-field session will be held at ACMS on April 28th from 5-7 pm

Once you register for the on-field session you will be approved, if all assignments are completed.

You must stay for the entire time.


Here is the link to register for the on-field session.



1. RETURNING OFFICIALS - Most referees have not renewed their licenses during COVID so please do so ASAP. Officials 18+ need to pass a background check. This can take up to two weeks so don't delay. Here's how to renew your license:


2. NEW OFFICIALS - Register at the U.S. Soccer Learning Center, take the course, pass the tests, and register then complete the ONLINE field session.


Detailed instructions to register for the referee course be found here: 


Official soccer referee uniforms:

Any further questions email KINGLALO175@GMAIL.COM