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NPL,Premier, Gold and Silver Teams


AC ATLETICO FC was created in 2011 by Javier Hernandez President, Iain Smith DOC and Fernando Flores.

The founders wanted to bring competitive soccer to the community of American Canyon,  

Competitive soccer represents club soccer at the highest possible level.  AC ATLETICO FC competitive program brings together the most talented and committed players with the highest quality coaches and trainers available.  Our program provides an opportunity for elite players to grow in the most challenging and competitive environment possible.  AC ATLETICO FC is increasingly fielding competitive teams in every age group and has becoming recognized.   AC ATLETICO FC competitive program will continue to thrive with the help of the community and the commitment of the many volunteers who are willing to get involved to make it successful.

Under the leadership of Troy Dayak West Coast Soccer has attracted some of the finest coaches and trainers possible.  Many of our coaches and trainers have USSF “A” and “B” Lic, NSCAA Advanced National Coaching licenses, coach at the high school level, and/or played soccer at the Division 1 and collegiate level.

Before making a decision to tryout for competitive soccer, players and parents should read and understand the descriptions below of the time, financial, travel, & personal commitments that will be required to be part of West Coast Soccer’s competitive program.

It should be no surprise that to achieve success at the highest level of competitive soccer demands the highest level of commitment as well.  The decision to play soccer at the competitive level is a choice that needs careful consideration.  For those who cannot make this level of commitment, the Club offers the option to tryout for play at the Bronze level, or play recreational soccer. 

NPL - The purpose of the NPL/CRL teams are to provide soccer players with the highest level of competition while providing the highest level of training.  These programs are designed to get players college-ready and will include showcase tournaments.  These teams will compete in the NPL division of NorCal.  These players will be highly proficient in the game and will be committed to the program for all practices, games, and tournaments.  NPL teams have a set of game-day procedures that will need to be followed.  

Division I Premier/Gold – The purpose of the Division I Premier & Gold teams are to provide soccer players with the highest level of competition while providing the highest level of training. These teams will compete in the Premier/Gold division of US Club Soccer.  Division, I Premier/Gold is not a developmental program.  These players will be highly proficient in the game and will be committed to the program for all practices, games and tournaments.

Division Silver– The Division Silver program is a program that has been developed to prepare soccer players for the highest competitive level, Division I Premier/Gold.  This program gives players a higher level of league competition while sustaining consistent training with that received by the Premier/Gold teams.  It is important that all Division I Gold coaches combine training sessions with the Division I Silver team.  This will help to accomplish several goals of the Silver team.

First, Division I Silver players will understand the concepts and abilities expected by the Division I Gold level coach.  Division I Silver players will be given training that is consistent with training given to the Division I Gold teams.  Division I Gold coaches will have a thorough awareness of all players available for the following year of play.  This will help to replace Gold level players who leave the Gold level for any reason.  Overall, this will ensure that as teams advance in age, AC ATLETICO FC will be able to provide an opportunity for the highest level of competition with players who are competitively competent and able.

The purpose of the Division I Silver program also provides a viable transition from the Division III level of play to the Division I level of play.  While this level provides a highly competitive level of soccer for players, the goal of this program is not winning. 

The overall goal of the Silver program is to provide a developmental environment in which competitive players can develop so that they may advance to a higher level of play in support of the Division I Gold division.  Once a silver team has achieved promotion into the Gold Level, then that team will be treated with the expectations of a gold team.   Silver teams should be expected to compete and compete well.  Silver teams should also be expected to provide the developmental training needed for players to continue to progress to the next level.



AC ATLETICO FC has the staff, curriculum, and standards that provide professional club training for serious, motivated players. ACATLETICO FC is dedicated to providing children and young adults in our community with the resources and knowledge necessary to improve their soccer skills and education. We promote the fundamental values of sportsmanship in addition to physical and mental education in a healthy and safe environment.

Our goals are to provide continuous growth on all levels of competition, to enhance the technical, tactical, and athletic aspects of soccer in each individual player, and form a supportive and positive social attitude within and outside the soccer community.

The season begins in March and is played year round. This includes training, games, and tournaments.

  • Spring 
  • Fall 
  • State Cup (Optional)

Most tournaments are played Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The locations of these tournaments cover the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Northern California. All costs associated with games and tournaments are shared equally by all parents.
The list of tournaments to be played will be discussed with parents at the first team meeting and will be chosen based on team level and annual player development plan.
New Players: $295 Registration fee per Season. 
Players ages 6-19 will pay a Coaches/Trainers fee if  no volunteer available.
Financial surplus is used for fields, insurance, affiliation fees and administrative fees as well as maintaining the office and website.

All of our instructors are highly skilled, trained, and have extensive knowledge of the game through licensing and professional experience.
AC ATLETICO FC welcomes everyone and looks forward to continuing the program and nurturing our relationship with the community. We have various levels available to maximize the players' potential, regardless of their experience. We offer our unconditional support, dedicated training, and extensive knowledge to our members.
Thank you for taking the time to read about our program, if you would like any additional information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
To register, please download the player registration packet below. Please fill out and sign all forms.
Please Return / Favor Entregar:

US Club Registration Form / US Club Forma de Registración
Signed Code of Conduct Policy / Firmar el Código de Conducta
Copy of Birth Certificate / Copia de la Acta de Nacimiento
2 Small ID Pictures / 2 Fotos Pequeñas para Credencial